EJOT Micro Screws

Maximum performance in minimal installation space 

Whether it is consumer electronics, the automotive industry or medical engineering - application areas for connections in small installation spaces are increasing steadily. The related, particularly high demands on the use of fastening elements rise all the more, the smaller the fastening solution is dimensioned. Under these special circumstances, EJOT offers excellent fastening technology know-how. 

Reaching this high level of requirements concerning the design and implementation of innovative fastening solutions in the "micro area" is daily business in many intersectoral projects at the fastening technology expert EJOT, who is specialised in customer-specific applications. Reliability and cost-efficiency thanks to the self-tapping feature of the fasteners are important and at the same time self-evident parameters in the design. 

A completely different challenge becomes apparent in many areas of industrial production: the trend to-wards miniaturisation of entire structural units and a simultaneous weight reduction of the components. Representative for many other sectors is the industry of mobile means of communication, for example smart phones, where every gram and every millimetre which can be saved counts for competitive advantage. 

It is now possible to produce a DELTA PT® screw for direct assembly in thermoplastics, designed as a micro screw, with a nominal diametre of 1 mm. These micro screws offer all advantages of the larger dimensions. The possible spectrum ranges from manual to automated assembly which is already used for many applications. As an example, the assembly of mobile phones, printed circuit boards or small medical devices shall be mentioned here. 

By using self-tapping screws, a high degree of mechanical strength of the assembly can be reached also in small installation spaces. The maximum strength is realised with a zero-tolerance thread. As is known, there is always a defined tolerance in the thread pairing for metric screw joints. The smaller the connection is designed, the more important becomes the advantage of a tight-fitting connection with self-tapping screws. Therefore a long-lasting and very reliable connection is guaranteed for EJOT micro screw as well. 

The self-tapping feature of the EJOT micro screws also saves the additional work step of thread cutting in the component, which is much more difficult with smaller dimensions than with larger ones. Furthermore, the very high tool wear, which occurs with metric screws due to the necessary step of thread cutting, is prevented. Thus, significant cost saving potentials can also be realised in the design of screw connections by using EJOT micro screws. 

EJOT micro screws at a glance: 
  • High economic efficiency through direct assembly 
  • Compact dimensions: for the assembly in small installation space 
  • No need for additional inserts or add-ons 
  • Reduction of cycle times or omission of complete work steps 
  • Suitable for manual and automated assembly 
  • Recyclable thanks to removable connection 
  • Different thread geometries for the direct assembly into plastic or metal; metric threads also available 

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