With the “EJOT 2025” project we are responding to current developments in business, technology and society. These require a changed organization, which we have already implemented by creating the Market Units Industry and Construction.
Technology leadership

We aspire to be the technological leader in fasteners, joining processes, forming technology (metal and plastic) and complex assemblies.


We can produce or procure all our products on every continent. We are successful with our products and services in Europe, but also on the American, Asian and African continents. We have grown sustainably as an international group .


We are able to help our customers by constantly developing new products and/or processes that bring benefits and added value. Constant innovation at all levels of the organization secures our future.

Customer orientation

Our customers know that EJOT offers the best solutions in product and service. Every product and every employee stands for competence and understanding of our customers' requirements.


Our culture is characterized by integrity and appreciation. The commitment of our employees is the guarantee for consistent renewal and outstanding performance.


We think about processes holistically - without disruption or waste, for the benefit of our customers. With transparency and uniform key figures, these processes are designed to be comprehensible and lean from start to finish, from customer order to customer delivery.


Our organizational structure is comprehensible and transparent for all employees worldwide. It is characterized by clear areas of responsibility and clear and understandable roles.


We have succeeded to evaluate our CO2e emissions. From this, energy / CO2e savings are defined, which will ensure CO2e neutrality by 2035.

Our goal: 

We want to continue to position ourselves at the forefront of our industry to be able to offer our customers the best fastening solutions worldwide. EJOT brings people together. Above everything is our motto: “EJOT. Bringing it together.”