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Facade anchors

The EJOT facade anchors are plastic anchors for multiple structural fastening or embedment of non-supporting systems according to ETAG 020. The anchors are suitable for all common substrates and are characterised by their specifically developed expansion zones.

Application range of the EJOT anchors


EJOT facade anchors offer a very wide range of lengths (50 - 360 mm) and are characterised by particularly low setting depths. You will find EJOT anchors in the following applications:

  • Facade systems
  • Metal wall brackets
  • Timber substructures
  • Stairs and railings
  • Piping systems and suspended ceilings

EJOT facade anchors: Suitable for many different substrates


Different building materials require bespoke fastening solutions that are specific to the substrate. For the selection of the best fastening solution it is important to consider the building material, the way of fixing and the substrate.

With EJOT anchors you are on the safe side, as you can see in the individual approvals (ETA-10/0305, ETA-12/0502, ETA-15/0027, ETA-15/0387). EJOT facade anchors are suitable for all common substrates:

  • Use category A: concrete and rain screen
  • Use category B: solid brick, solid sand-lime brick, lightweight concrete brick
  • Use category C: vertically perforated brick, perforated sand-lime brick, hollow block
  • Use category D: aerated concrete

EJOT SDF Facade Anchors


Cavity wall repair anchor

For fast retrofitting, tack-free securing and embedment of outer sheet, EJOT recommends the VSD cavity wall repair anchor. It is suitable for load-bearing shells made of concrete, solid brick and perforated brick.


Nail anchor

The ND-K and ND-S nail anchors are outstanding speed plugs for light fixings: substructures, cabinets, skirting boards, laths, cable racks, cable clips and pipe supports.


GRIPPER All wall plug

The GRIPPER multi-wall plug is made of thermoplastic elastomer. It is ideal for installation in concrete, gas and aerated concrete, structural panels and cavity wall constructions. Its grippy surface ensures a reliable hold.


Insulation support anchors

The EJOT insulation support anchor DH is particularly suited for fixing insulating material to all substrates in the rear ventilated facade (VHF). It prevents "quilt effect" (indentations in the insulation) caused by retrofitting of the washer and thus the opening up of the joints between the individual insulating panels. Practical for warehousing: Packing and handling volumes are reduced by over 60% compared to one-piece insulation support anchors.

For fastening insulating material for high fire protection requirements (cellar ceiling insulation, insulation close to escape routes) the EJOT metal insulation support anchor DMH is recommended.