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ORKAN storm washers

Increased reliability for crown fixing

EJOT recommendation

For crown fixing we recommend fastening with EJOT ORKAN storm washers for increased installation reliablity, high form stability and optimum load transmission.

Which requirements does an ORKAN storm washer have to meet?

EJOT ORKAN storm washers are used for a consistent load distribution of the crown fixing of a trapezoidal profiled sheet or sandwich panel construction. The pronounced reinforcement flanges of the EJOT ORKAN storm washers are a guarantee for high dimensional stability and consistent load transmission.

Second insulation level

As a so-called second insulation level, the EJOT storm washer permanently buffers the fixed size between upper substructure edge and screw head. The sheet metal crown is often slightly convex or concave. In order to compensate these tolerances a soft closed-cell rubber is ideal. No bridging arises where moisture can enter up to the fastener shank and thus the inside of the building.

The permanent compression required for the lasting watertightness of this cellular rubber is minimal and the deformation of a thin-walled trapezoidal profiled sheet can be prevented during installation.

Installation reliability

EJOT ORKAN storm washers also contribute to a reliable installation because the installer can use them as a plate drill jig when placing the storm washer. It always hits the middle of the crown. It always hits the middle of the crown. Furthermore, the surface of the profile element is protected against scratches during the fastening process.

The EJOT ORKAN storm washer provides an increased clamping force on the component without plastic deformation. The increased load due to the use of EJOT storm washers is documented in various building authorities test certificates (type statics) for trapezoidal aluminium profiles.