• Applications

    Corner profile with drip edge, plug-in connector and glass fiber mesh to create an exact and stable plaster finish with targeted water flow for balcony and lintel soffits, insulated passageways, roller shutter boxes that can be plastered over, plinth connections without profiles, etc.

  • Properties

    • Targeted drainage of water
    • Exact and clean plaster finish
    • Aligned and perpendicular edges thanks to rectangular plugin connectors
    • Better plaster grip thanks to the grooved surface
  • Technical specifications

    Hard PVC profile with glass mesh parts 12.5 x 12.5 cm, alkaliresistant and non-shifting.

    Processing guidelines
    The profiles are connected at the front with the included plug-in connectors. The reinforcement compound should be applied approximately in the same width as the mesh strips. The drip edge profile is then embedded in the wet reinforcement compound and filled in with a spatula. The mesh of the subsequent surface reinforcement must be pulled up to the plaster edge in order to counteract cracking in the joint area.


    • Store in a cool and dry place
    • Transport and storage lying down
Orderidentifier Article Number Unit
EJOT Pro TKP05/01-200-160-WL-12.5x12.5 8809012048 25


EJOT Pro TKP05/01-200-160-WL-12.5x12.5