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Blind rivets

Plastically deformable fastening elements

The two-part blind rivet consists of a rivet body which is mounted to a rivet mandrel. Only one side of the components which are to be connected must be accessible for processing. The blind rivet is installed by pulling back the mandrel with a special tool, whereupon the mandrel head penetrates into the rivet and expands the protruding material to a closing head.

Installation process blind rivets:

  1. The blind rivet's mandrel is set into the installation tool and then inserted into the rivet hole. The rivet mandrel is gripped and pulled with the clamping jaws by triggering the installation tool stroke.
  2. The rivet mandrel head thus deforms the shaft end of the rivet body. The process is completed when the mandrel head reaches the height of the component surface.
  3. This position is connected with a strong force increase, at which the rivet mandrel tears off at its intended breaking point. The torn mandrel is removed, the residual rivet mandrel remains in the rivet.